About PhotobookShop NZ

Our Vision - To help Capture Your Memories forever

We all have hundreds of photos hidden in boring albums or tucked away in dusty boxes under the bed, and now with the addition of digital cameras and smart phones in our everyday life it is easy to forget those great moments you have snapped along the way. It is our vision to help you Capture Your Memories by giving you the tools to design your own stunning Photobooks, Canvas, Photo Tiles, Calendars and many other photo gift products.

We then promise to produce the project you’ve invested so much love and thought into, to the highest quality standards while giving you outstanding customer service along the way.

About Us

PhotobookShop NZ is an Australian owned and operated company giving you the tools to design your own Photobooks, Canvases and other photoprint products in the comfort of your home. Our FREE design software lets you become the creative genius behind crafting your own book using photos from all occasions helping you capture your memories to share with friends and family near and far.

For many of our customers, PhotobookShop NZ becomes not just a hobby but a passion, with some of our regulars creating shelves of photobooks while others decorate their homes with stunning canvases of their favourite photos. No matter how you want to display your precious memories, PhotobookShop NZ has the right product for you.

Our Story

In 2009, Peter Thomas had an ambition to create the best quality photobooks for the lowest price, making these available for everyone at home to enjoy. Over the next 12 months, Peter worked day and night researching, testing and developing a plan to create, print and deliver the best photobooks available.

In a short but very busy 5 years, PhotobookShop NZ has outgrown two factories while adding over 70 products to their range and 50+ staff members to their team. Their ambition continues to grow as they constantly develop their technology and processes to guarantee you receive the best quality products at the most affordable price.

In the next few years you will see Peter and the team bringing you new and innovative photoprint products in fun and easy-to-use ways!

Thank You

Big thanks go to their 250,000+ devoted customers who continue to support Australian made giving PhotobookShop NZ the opportunity to grow and become Australia’s leading manufacturer in Photobooks!