Momento Keepers
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Creating your Momento Keeper
in 3 easy steps!!

Select the size you want to make.
Choose from a great variety of recommenced styles.
Customise with your personalised text and proceed to order.

Customising your Momento Keeper

Easily personalise your product using our predesigned layouts. Choose from a choice of two sizes. Add your own name, message and special dates.

Why we LOVE our Momento Keepers!

• Great for saving those special keepsakes from life’s journey.
• Keep on display to remember those special moments.
• Perfect for Gifts and celebrating new births!.
• Choose from 6 different styles!.

Our Commitment to Quality

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Australian owned and made. Beautiful hand made products
PhotobookShop NZ has earned an excellent reputation with customers by providing a wide range of products, using premium materials and giving a quality printing guarantee:
• Australian Made using the highest quality materials and workmanship
• High quality printing using the latest printing technology
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed
• Environmentally-friendly production